Why do you want your company to succeed? 🤔

Theresa "Sam" Houghton
July 16, 2020

As entrepreneurs, we have a lot on our plates. Days fly by in a blur of meetings, calls, project management and fiddly back-end administrative stuff we’d rather not be doing. All to chase the dream of success.

But have you ever asked yourself, 💭 “Why, deep down, do I want my company to succeed?”

Challenging Traditional Business Paradigms

It’s a question that runs counter to many of the fundamentals of business. But asking it could radically transform your approach.

Try it out right now, and really think about the answer. Dig deep. Go beyond business goals, revenue aspirations and KPIs. Delve into the real reasons you started your business.

This requires some soul searching, but it’s worth it. You’ll have to confront some fundamental questions about your purpose as an entrepreneur, and you might come up against some uncomfortable realizations. 😓

Like what?

  • Like you’ve strayed from your original vision and aren’t creating the company you wanted.
  • Like you don’t actually enjoy what you’re doing because you pursued a business model someone else told you was a good idea.
  • Like the passion that originally powered your entrepreneurship got buried along the way, and you’re running on autopilot.

These are all rather sobering thoughts. But a lot of business owners are living in one (or more) of these realities — often without realizing it.

Stop Chasing Shiny Objects

It’s so easy to get caught up in the metrics and the numbers and lose sight of what you wanted to accomplish with your business. When you do, you become susceptible to “bright shiny object syndrome” 💎🌟 and start grasping at every new method or idea that comes along. You become addicted to the promise of success.

The problem with this is — it’s vanity. You get caught in a cycle of always trying to gain a little bit more of an edge, always pushing toward those numbers. Even if you build an amazing, profitable business 💰 that gets massive accolades, is it really worth the cost of missing out on what you wanted to accomplish as an entrepreneur?

New Mindset = Business Transformation

…Okay, now that I’ve broken your brain, let’s go back to that original premise of radical transformation.

Knowing why you want to succeed changes the way you look at — and execute — everything in your business. 👔

Hiring. Sales. Client/customer relationships. Even content marketing. Each aspect of your company becomes aligned with a purpose defined not by the dictates and mandates of society but by your vision, your mission and your passion. And that is what will truly give you traction.

So — what’s your reason? 😎🌞