Geltor is Pioneering Ingredients-as-a-Service with Designer Animal-Free Proteins

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When I saw the recent news about Geltor’s $91.3 million series B funding round, I knew I had to cover them in the Weekly Find. I’m all about innovation, especially in food and tech, especially if it has a nerdy element to it. This unique company ticks all the boxes. ✅✅

You’ve heard of software-as-as-service (SaaS) and its various as-a-service companions (aptly described by the umbrella term “everything-as-a-service”)? Geltor is bringing an entirely new concept to the market — ingredients-as-a-service — while pioneering a line of their own unique protein formulations.

Co-founders Alexander Lorestani and Nick Ouzounov, both Ph.D.s, take a unique approach to custom protein production. Focusing on the “rich vastness of … biodiversity on Earth,” 🌿 they leverage technology to identify compounds best suited for specific applications.

How do they transform their discoveries into usable proteins? Fermentation. 🍻 Yep, the same process that gives us bread, beer and sauerkraut is, in fact, the key to producing novel proteins sustainably at scale.

Thanks to this process, Geltor’s products are 100% animal- and GMO-free. They’ve already tackled the problem of producing an alternatives to animal-based collagen with their Collume® and HumanColl21® products and offer a human elastin ingredient called Elastipure™. All three have promising applications for beauty and skin care products, 🛀🏻 and the company plans to expand its portfolio to include more “high-performance protein ingredients” for use in the food, beverage, cosmetics and personal care industries. 🍴💄☕

But what about that “ingredients-as-a-service” idea? This is where Geltor takes customization to a new level. The company works with CPG brands and manufacturers across industries to produce ingredients tailored to their needs. 🧬 The resulting proteins are 100% unique with “nutritional and functional properties” designed to deliver the desired results for brands and consumers. It’s a fresh approach that could speed up the process of bringing functional products to market and allow companies to differentiate in unprecedented ways.

With the clean label revolution gaining momentum, I can see Geltor’s ingredients becoming integral parts of the products we use in our daily health and personal care routines. This is one company to keep your eye on — they’re on track to do more mind-blowing things! 👍🏻

Do you think companies like Geltor hold the key to a more sustainable and healthier future?

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