GreenGut Weekly Find 7/10: Banana Scoops!

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Welcome to this week’s GreenGut Weekly find, featuring London-based Banana Scoops. 🍌🍨

Banana “nice cream” has been a thing around the internet, particularly in the vegan community, for several years, and Googling the term yields around 109 million results. It’s the ultimate alternative for those of us who can’t or choose not to eat dairy — and anyone who’s dying for a sundae but would prefer to avoid the sugar rush.

Enter Banana Scoops! The founder, Jess Salamanca, says she “started the company with the mission to create a healthier and more natural ice cream option, one that is made from fruit and is free from refined sugars and additives.”

Banana Scoops makes banana-based ice cream using creamy bananas instead of dairy, with natural and plant-based ingredients – and it even counts as one of your 5-a-day.

Unlike most dairy-free ice creams, Banana Scoops has a simple ingredient list with zero junk. Take a look at what’s in the chocolate flavor (they also have raspberry and “banilla”):

Banana Puree (61%) (Bananas, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Antioxidant: Ascorbic Acid), Water, Date Syrup (12%), Cocoa Powder (3.2%), Acacia Fibre, Gluten-free Oat Starch, Vanilla Extract (1%).

So yes, you can actually eat this for breakfast and feel fine. And those days when you just want to sit around and mainline a pint of ice cream because life is just that heavy? Banana Scoops has you covered. It also comes in handy for making healthier versions of creamy treats like ice cream cookie sandwiches.

(Did I mention the entire 500ml tub only has 406 calories? That’s around one pound of nice cream, my friends. 😋🍌)

It excites me to see more companies getting into cleaner, whole-food dairy alternatives. As more people move toward plant-based diets, there needs to be a better selection of packaged foods that don’t have the same negative health effects as the products they’re aiming to replace. Kudos to Jess for stepping up with ready-to-eat banana nice cream!

You can get Banana Scoops in the London area through Ocado, Planet Organic and As Nature Intended. (And if you’re in the mood to drool, check out their Instagram feed.)

Have a company you’d like to see featured in the Weekly Find? Leave a comment to let me know! 👇🏻👇🏻

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