GreenGut Weekly Find 7/3: Sun Genomics!

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(Welcome to the GreenGut Weekly Find! I’ve been posting these mini company profiles in my LinkedIn feed for a couple of months now, and I’m excited to debut the new format on Substack.)

This week — Sun Genomics!

Founded by Sunny Jain, Sun Genomics takes a unique approach to gut health. The company recognizes that everyone’s microbiome is different and changes over time. Science bears this out with studies showing the microbiome shifts in response to exercise, dietary patterns and, of course, rounds of antibiotics.

Imbalances in the gut, known as dysbiosis, can result in uncomfortable symptoms like gas, bloating, food sensitivities and inappropriate immune reactions. Studies are also beginning to suggest links between dysbiosis and common chronic health conditions like heart disease and diabetes. Sun Genomics aims to address dysbiosis with a custom-blended probiotic called Floré.

Microbiome nerd that I am, I was immediately taken with the concept behind Floré. Sun Genomics calls it PrecisionProbio™ — a cyclical approach to gut health testing and probiotic administration that addresses the sometimes seismic, sometimes subtle changes in microbiome composition that occur over time.

Here’s how it works:

  • You take a home gut health test and send in the samples
  • Sun Genomics sequences your microbiome’s DNA using a detailed process known as whole-genome sequencing (WGS)
  • Your results become the basis for your own custom version of Floré
  • Your probiotics arrive in the mail
  • The whole process repeats every 3 months

This subscription model allows Sun Genomics to adapt the probiotic blends it creates in response to changes in gut health. A corresponding app provides “gut health scores” and health tracking tools — plus food and recipe ideas to support your individual microbiome.

Since the concentration and diversity of microbes in the gut may influence everything from disease risk to mood, I can see precision probiotics like the ones Sun Genomics offers becoming a key part of personalized nutrition and healthcare.

What’s your take on custom probiotics like Floré? Would you try a subscription?


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