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Happy Monday, my Modern Nerd friends! 😎 Trying to stay cool here as the weather works on deciding if it would like to to melt us or provide a 24-hour outdoor sauna. 😰

This week’s news roundup is all about health and food. With the new Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) report out and some interesting things happening in the CPG world, there’s plenty to explore.

Babies Shouldn’t Eat Sugar (No, Really??)

In an absolutely stunning statement of the obvious, the committee responsible for putting together the U.S. Dietary Guidelines has declared children under age 2 should “avoid foods and beverages with added sugars.” 👶🏻 The report zeros in on added sugars (not those naturally occurring in foods like fruit), highlighting the link between processed junk foods—as well as sugary drinks—and poor health outcomes, including obesity.

Healthier Soda Options are Here

Sugar-sweetened beverages aren’t so hot for adult health, either. But there’s good news for soda drinkers: Healthier options have arrived!🥤 Thanks to brands like OLIPOP, Health Aide, Poppi and United Soda, consumers can enjoy the taste and experience of drinking their favorite carbonated beverages without taking in up to 10 teaspoons (❗❗) of added sugar per can. Some companies are even adding functional ingredients like prebiotic fibers to level up the health benefits.

The End of Choice Paralysis? Retailers Cut Down on SKUs

The days of wandering up and down store aisles trying to choose just one option from the 8 million versions of every product 🤪 may be coming to a close. COVID-19’s impact on shopping habits and buyer preferences is driving some retailers and manufacturers to consider how to better focus sales and production. If the trend continues, consumers could start seeing streamlined shelves (and less insane product selection) in the future.

2020 Dietary Guidelines Committee Agrees: Eat More Plants

Fewer packaged food choices could be just what the USDA ordered. If the Department of Health and Human Services takes the DGAC’s advice, the 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines may finally point Americans toward eating more fruits, vegetables 🥗 and whole grains while reducing intakes of “saturated fat, cholesterol, and red and processed meat.” 🥩 One glaring omission: any advice regarding the reduction of dairy products, a significant source of saturated fat in the American diet (and stomach discomfort for the vast majority of people!). 🥛🧀

Why Plants? Science Continues to Confirm the Benefits

Emphasizing plant foods isn’t a strange, modern idea or a recommendation made under pressure from Big Broccoli. 🥦 Over and over again, scientific studies have shown eating a completely or mostly plant-based diet can reduce the risk of developing chronic health complications like heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Even more evidence arose in the past couple of months showing munching on plants can improve memory, boost kidney health and provide more years of healthy life.

Thanks for reading this week! Stay tuned for the Weekly Find on Friday (and some other fun stuff that’s in the pipeline for the coming weeks).

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