Custom Lead Magnet Design

to grow your health and wellness brand

Don't just capture email addresses. 📧

Create lead magnets that empower your customers to take the next step toward healthy diet and lifestyle changes. 💪🏻

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Lead Magnets Can Be So Much More than Marketing Ploys


Help potential customers overcome barriers to achieving better health. 🧱

Provide a printable worksheet or fillable PDF that walks them through the necessary steps and mindset changes. ✍🏻


Break down health and wellness challenges into simple actions that make healthy living easier. ✅

Encourage your customers to take small steps that add up to big progress. 📈

Educational Handouts

Offer quick reference guides that help customers create (and stick with) new healthy habits. 🍏

Start them on the path to making better long-term choices. 🚴🏻

Here's What Lead Magnet Creation Looks Like

(when your goal is healthier customers 🥗)

Kickoff Call (60 minutes)

We'll hop on Zoom (or the phone—your choice!) and:

⮞ Discuss your content needs and business goals
⮞ Review your target customers
⮞ Go over your current content plan
⮞ Determine a purpose and set goals for your lead magnet
⮞ Choose which type of lead magnet to create

You'll send me the logos and graphics you want to include, then...

Research, Write, & Design
(3 days to 1 week)

Working from our plan, I'll:

⮞ Research similar competing lead magnets
⮞ Find ways to make your business stand out
⮞ Research relevant keywords
⮞ Write the content
⮞ Create a preliminary custom lead magnet design
⮞ Send you the design to review

Note: Timeline depends on lead magnet goals and complexity.

Review & Revise
(2 to 3 days)

I'll review any requested changes and:

⮞ Update the lead magnet design
⮞ Return it to you for review
⮞ Do a second round of revisions (if needed)

Deliver & Analyze

Once everything is good to go, I'll:

⮞ Deliver the completed design
⮞ Suggest metrics to monitor based on your goals
⮞ Follow up in 4 weeks to check on lead magnet performance

Let's Get STarted! 👉🏻

Why work with Modern Health Nerd to create health and wellness lead magnets?

Center for Nutrition Studies Plant Based Nutrition Graduatebauman college alumni badge
Trained health coach with over a decade of experience
🌿 Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies

🥇 Bauman College Nutrition Consultant honors graduate

🥗 9 years in the health, wellness, and plant-based industry

🤓 14 years as a diet, health, and lifestyle nerd

Want to see what this looks like in action?

Download this lead magnet template & checklist 👇🏻

(Yes, this is kind of a shameless plug. 😅)
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