Meet the chief nerd

Hi there! I’m Theresa “Sam” Houghton, and I love nerdy content.

What started as a journey to better health turned into a passion for sharing actionable, life-changing information. In 2009, I went plant-based; in 2014, I became a health coach. All the while, I was writing content to pay the bills.

But I’ve always been a writer. Since I was a kid, I’ve been crafting stories and writing informative reports. I’ve been hunting down all the news that is the news and digging into characters’ psyches because I love to explore.

And I spend the vast majority of my time hanging around with your target audience. I hear them talk, understand how they think and know the challenges they face.

Put it all together, and what do you get? The perfect recipe for helping health-focused CPG and DTC companies (like yours!) understand customers, create targeted messaging and stop wasting time on content that doesn't get engagement.

It’s my nerdy pleasure to unlock the secrets in your customers' heads and use them to help you succeed. Looking forward to nerding out with you!

Why "Sam"?

People often ask me, “Do you prefer Theresa or Sam?“

The answer is: either one!

Theresa is my actual name. So how did I get “Sam”?

It’s a bit of a silly story. In middle school, my friends and I went on a nicknaming spree so that we had something to call our characters in the stories we were writing ourselves into at the time.

Being young teens, we (of course) began using our nicknames in real life.

That was longer ago than I’ll admit, but some of those nicknames stuck to this day. Including Sam.

Is my process right for your business?