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The modern food system is broken and our health is terrible. What can we do to fix it?

The Modern Health Nerd Podcast brings together the movers, shakers and innovators from food, health, agriculture and everywhere in between for fascinating conversations that examine what individuals and companies are doing to transform what we eat and how we live.

From innovative plant-based products and indoor vertical farming to fitness and foodtech, every episode features some of the most thoughtful and innovative minds making an impact across industries.

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  • Natural Machines: Bringing Foodtech to Your Kitchen 06/09/2021
    Could 3D food printers be the next "must-have" kitchen appliances? Lynette Kucsma of Natural Machines sees it happening! From enabling healthier food choices to opening up new opportunities in personalized nutrition, Natural Machines is looking to bring the benefits of 3D-printed food to the kitchens of the future. In this episode, we geek out about: […]
  • Tyler Mayoras: Making Plant-Based the Healthiest Choice (with Beans!) 06/02/2021
    Can a whole-food plant-based revolution start in the frozen food aisle? Tyler Mayoras of Cool Beans sees the transition coming—and believes it can grow across the plant-based space. With simple ingredients and upbeat branding, Cool Beans wraps are making it easier to eat whole plant foods on the go. But for Tyler, that's only part […]
  • FreshCap: Educating the World About the Benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms 05/26/2021
    Why doesn't everyone know how cool mushrooms are yet? Tony and Tegan Shields of FreshCap are working to boost awareness—and bring the benefits of medicinal mushrooms to everyone's daily routine. Built on Tony's childhood love of mushroom hunting and Tegan's background in nutrition, FreshCap has grown from a single product to a diverse line of […]
  • Midnight Harvest: Combining Innovation and Sustainability to Unlock the Power of Mushrooms 05/19/2021
    Is growing mushrooms farming or science? For Matt Hall of Midnight Harvest, it's both. From attempting to cultivate morels in a sterile environment to the ins and outs of Midnight Harvest's gourmet mushroom growing process, Matt is dedicated to blending innovation with sustainability to unlock the full potential of mushrooms. In this episode, we chat […]
  • Moku Foods: Helping the Environment, One Bag of Jerky at a Time 05/12/2021
    Can mushroom jerky save the world? Maybe not on its own, but Matt Feldman from Moku Foods believes it's a small step that can have a big impact. In this episode, we get 'shroomy about: Matt's inspiration for Moku, and how he settled on king oyster mushrooms as the perfect foundation for plant-based jerky The […]