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The modern food system is broken and our health is terrible. What can we do to fix it?

The Modern Health Nerd Podcast brings together the movers, shakers and innovators from food, health, agriculture and everywhere in between for fascinating conversations that examine what individuals and companies are doing to transform what we eat and how we live.

From innovative plant-based products and indoor vertical farming to fitness and foodtech, every episode features some of the most thoughtful and innovative minds making an impact across industries.

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  • Mike Fata: Creating Big Impact with Small Changes 07/28/2021
    Can simple changes make a big difference in diet and health—not just on an individual level, but across the food industry? Mike Fata is living proof that it's possible. Mike has dedicated over 25 years studying and practicing natural health, starting in 1995 when he made the life changing decision to lose over 100lbs. In […]
  • Citizen Kind: Helping Eco-Conscious Companies Walk Their Talk 07/21/2021
    What can today's eco-conscious companies, including plant-based businesses, do to increase their impact on the world? Emma Osborne of Citizen Kind would suggest hiring a team of people committed to living out a set of shared values. Whether you're looking for fulfilling work or building a company dedicated to changing the world for the better, […]
  • Jack Bobo: We Need Everybody to Be Making Our Food System Better 07/14/2021
    Why haven't consumers started adopting healthier eating habits despite all the "better-for-you" options on the market? Jack Bobo would say it's because companies don't understand how consumers think—and are turning them off with the wrong messaging. Jack is the author of Why Smart People Make Bad Food Choices, which exposes the not-so-obvious but real drivers […]
  • Plant Power Fast Food: Changing the World, One Burger at a Time 07/07/2021
    Can switching fast food to a cruelty-free, plant-based model change the world? Jeffrey Harris believes it can. As one of the creative minds behind Plant Power Fast Food, Jeffrey believes building a network of "vegan McDonald's" can open more people's eyes to the health and environmental benefits of eating plant-based. He sees Plant Power as […]
  • ProdHealth: Empowering Better Health Through Plant-Based Nutrition 06/30/2021
    What if it were possible for everyone to start leveraging the power of plant-based eating in an accessible and practical way? Through his work on the ProdHealth app, John Dieser is making it possible. There's a lot to unpack on this topic, and we only just scratch the surface as we explore: The mind-blowing research […]