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The modern food system is broken and our health is terrible. What can we do to fix it?

The Modern Health Nerd Podcast brings together the movers, shakers and innovators from food, health, agriculture and everywhere in between for fascinating conversations that examine what individuals and companies are doing to transform what we eat and how we live.

From innovative plant-based products and indoor vertical farming to fitness and foodtech, every episode features some of the most thoughtful and innovative minds making an impact across industries.

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  • Making Whole Food Plant Based Fun, Colorful and Tasty with Jason Rosenbaum of Actual Veggies 01/19/2022
    Actual Veggies CEO Jason Rosenbaum and his co-founder, Hailey Swartz, didn’t set out to make a whole food plant-based product that appealed to everybody. But that’s exactly what they did with their line of colorful burgers. When Jason stopped eating meat for his health, he couldn’t find an alternative to his favorite meat, the beef […]
  • Taking Back Our Power for Health with Paige Parsons Roache 01/12/2022
    “Everybody has access to extraordinary choices.” - Paige Parsons Roache When her daughter decided to go vegan, Paige Parsons Roache couldn’t have imagined how much her own diet and life would change. It started with education: reading books, listening to plant-based doctors, watching documentaries and trying vegan food from local restaurants. Pretty soon, Paige was […]
  • Taste is Key in Whole Food Plant Based with Tyler Mayoras of Cool Beans 01/05/2022
    “It’s hard to build a trend if the stuff doesn’t taste good.” ~ Tyler Mayoras, CEO of Cool Beans Eating plant based is a journey. For some, it starts with an all-in commitment to eat nothing but whole plant foods. But most of the time, the transition to new eating habits is supported by a […]
  • Season 2 Trailer: Whole Food Plant Based in the Marketplace and Health 12/20/2021
    Welcome to season 2 of The Modern Health Nerd Podcast! We're spending 10 hyper-focused episodes talking about where whole food plant based fits in the current plant-based marketplace and the role of whole food plant-based diets in health--including the treatment and prevention of disease. Join Theresa "Sam" Houghton, Chief Nerd at the Modern Health Nerd, […]
  • Dr. T. Colin Campbell: Keeping Plant-Based Nutrition Whole for Optimal Health 09/22/2021
    What if we could break the cycle of disease and premature death just by changing what we eat? Dr. T. Colin Campbell believes it really is that simple. After decades of studying nutrition's effects on health and disease, Dr. Campbell is convinced that eating plants in as close to their whole, unrefined forms as possible […]