The food system is broken.

As a combination content marketing business and media company, The Modern Health Nerd helps plant-based brands bridge the gap between their products and their customers by building strategic content libraries—and creating content consumers can both understand and appreciate.

But the end goal is much larger: facilitating positive change in the entire food system, from production to consumption. Food, health and appetite need to return to their God-given purposes, and The Modern Health Nerd is on a quest to make it happen.

Food (and eating) needs to return to its true purpose.

In the creation account of Genesis 1 and 2, God created the earth, 🌎 the oceans, 🌊 vegetation 🌱 and animals. 🐄 Then He created people—and made them stewards over everything else. An inherent part of humanity’s job was to take care of the planet and the animals.

The Bible also says God created mankind in His own image and places a high value on human life. In light of this, the writers of the New Testament emphasized the importance of caring for our bodies—including not doing anything to or with them that God doesn’t want us to do. Which, in my view, includes abusing ourselves by destroying our health with bad food and addictive eating habits.

Why? Self-satisfying, self-serving appetites are equated with inordinate desires (lust) numerous times throughout the Bible. God warns against living for self-satisfaction because humanity was made to live for God. God knows what’s best for the people He created—so whatever He gives is what truly satisfies and fulfills. 🙏🏻

Feeding our appetites is killing us.

The original design for humanity was life in a pristine garden, 🌳 tending it and walking in direct fellowship with God. There was no violence, no mistreatment of people or animals, no mishandling of the resources of the earth. Eden was real paradise, heaven on earth.

But when Adam and Eve, the first two people and the parents of all humanity, decided to follow their own desires instead of doing what was right and best for them, sin entered the world—and the fellowship was broken.

Which leads us to where we are today and explains everything that’s wrong with the world. Including a deeply broken food system that leaves some people starving while others consume themselves into early graves. 🍔🍟

This is why taking a health-centered approach to changing the food system is key to restoring balance. It’s time to stop supporting a status quo that allows and even encourages people to hurt themselves every time they eat. It’s time to put an end to a food system that exploits people, mistreats animals and squanders the world’s resources.

That’s not what God wants for us. God has something much better and more fulfilling. 💞

There is a way forward.

The plant-based movement has a golden opportunity to point food, health and planetary stewardship back in the right direction. Awareness is growing—which means the platform for education is growing. The time for change is ripe. But it has to be a change that goes all the way.

Away from…

  • Large-scale animal farming and monocropping 🏭
  • Hyper-processed, hyper-palatable foods sold at artificially low prices and eaten without thought 🍬
  • Feeding today’s inflated appetite for refined, nutrient-poor and animal-based foods 🥓

And toward…

  • Growing fresh, nutritious foods on a smaller scale in localized areas 🥗
  • Mindful production and consumption 😋
  • Widespread education and support to establish better food choices and eating habits that stick 👩🏻‍🏫

We don’t need to keep trying to satisfy the destructive appetites that the current food system says are normal. We can create a new reality by merging innovation with simplicity to change habits, restructure the food system and transform the lust for damaging foods into a desire to care for and nurture the bodies—and the resources—God has given us.

All it takes is you stepping up to make one small change.

Are you in? 👇🏻