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  • Back to the Roots: Bringing the Joy and Magic of Growing Food to Families Across America 04/07/2021
    Could re-igniting the young generation's curiosity about food transform the food and agriculture system as we know it? Nikhil Arora believes it can—and he's working to make it happen. As co-founder of Back to the Roots, Nikhil sees firsthand the problems that face today's food system—particularly the impact on kids' health and well-being. He and […]
  • Picnic: Automating the Future of Foodservice 03/31/2021
    Could foodservice automation be the next marketing frontier for plant-based brands? Technology like the Picnic Pizza System has the potential to make it possible. Picnic CEO Clayton Wood joins The Modern Health Nerd Podcast to unpack the amazingly nerdy technology behind Picnic's automated modular solution and discuss: How automation could revolutionize foodservice, hospitality and even […]
  • FoodHack: Making the Foodtech Space More Accessible 03/24/2021
    What's one of the plant-based movement's biggest barriers to growth? Arman Anaturk would argue it's consumer education. (Although people need to give startups a break, too!) In this episode, we discuss: How FoodHack is helping startup founders make connections in the foodtech space The origins of FoodHack, its mission and how the platform has adapted […]
  • Plantcraft: Educating Consumers to Empower Better Food Decisions 03/17/2021
    How can plant-based meat address the dual challenge of protein over-consumption and a serious lack of fiber in Western countries? Kati Ohens' approach to product formulation at Plantcraft may have the answer. In this episode, we discuss: How shopping environments influence consumer habits and perpetuate problems in the food system What plant-based meat needs to […]
  • Supplant Foods: Making Functional Ingredients for Better Plant-Based Products 03/10/2021
    Can functional flours solve the challenges of taste and texture in plant-based food formulations? Chirag Sabunani of Supplant Foods is on a mission to make it happen. Many alternative protein products rely on plant protein isolates and a number of additional ingredients to achieve tastes and textures similar to meat, but Supplant is taking a […]