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  • iWon Organics: Bringing Happiness to the CPG Space 01/20/2021
    Can happiness and healthy eating coexist? Mark Samuel's answer is an emphatic YES. Mark is the founder and CEO of IWON Organics, a health and wellness company that makes bold, flavor-infused snacks made from plant-based proteins like peas, beans and brown rice. He asserts that we've strayed from the healthy relationship we're meant to have […]
  • Rise Gardens: Bringing Produce Close to Home (Literally) 01/13/2021
    Wouldn't it be great to have access to fresh, homegrown produce all year long? No worrying about what got sprayed on it, how long ago it was harvested or how far it traveled. No wasted resources, no nutrient loss -- just fresh taste. Hank Adams and the team at Rise Gardens is making that dream […]
  • PolyNatural: Extending Shelf Life and Reducing Food Waste Naturally 01/06/2021
    How much wax have you eaten today? Vicente Traviesa of PolyNatural is working to make sure you can confidently answer, "None!" The sad (and kind of gross) truth of the matter is that much of our conventional produce is coated in things we don't want to eat, including synthetic waxes. It gives fruit that shiny […]
  • The Leaf Protein Company: Supporting Sustainability with Pereskia 12/31/2020
    Where will the next novel plant-based ingredient come from? The Leaf Protein Company is betting on Pereskia. The Australian company is on a mission to "unlock Earth's most abundant and sustainable source of proteins: green leaves." Using a combination of tradition, science and tech, they're leveraging Pereskia's high protein content and nutrient concentration to create […]
  • Chuck Carroll: Let's Step Outside the Plant-Based Bubble 12/16/2020
    News flash: The plant-based space is living in a bubble! How can we reach everyone "outside" who's looking for real, actionable information on how to be healthier? According to Chuck Carroll, it's time to simplify consumer education. As the host of The Exam Room podcast, Chuck has interviewed some of the biggest names in the […]