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  • Revo Foods: Saving the Oceans with Foodtech 03/03/2021
    Overfishing, fish farming and aquatic pollution are ravaging the world's oceans. Robin Simsa and the team at Revo Foods (formerly Legendary Vish) believe the right combination of plant-based ingredients and foodtech can spark change. How? By making the world's first 3D printed plant-based salmon that looks and tastes just like the real thing -- minus […]
  • Patrick Suarez: Moving Better to Prevent Injury 02/26/2021
    What's the missing piece in a healthy lifestyle where diet, exercise and sleep are on point? Patrick Suarez would say it's knowledge of and commitment to better mobility. Patrick is changing the way people view and approach physical therapy. By building relationships through one-on-one sessions and teaching people not only how to recover but also […]
  • Geoff Palmer: Doing Something Radically Different with Sports Nutrition 02/24/2021
    What do plant-based diets and the gut microbiome have to do with exercise performance? Geoff Palmer has the answer. As a vegan for 35 years, a bodybuilding champion and sports nutrition enthusiast, Geoff digs into the science of nutrition to uncover the best the plant kingdom has to offer. Through his company, Clean Machine, he's […]
  • Robert Cheeke: We Need a Better Understanding of Where Our Nutrition Comes From 02/17/2021
    Can you go from skinny to strong, buff and healthy JUST eating plant-based foods? Robert Cheeke has proven you can. From an 89-pound kid to a 220-pound natural bodybuilding champion, Robert Cheeke underwent an incredible transformation on a plant-based diet. And he's still going strong, showing the world through his books and talks that anyone […]
  • Millionaire Hoy: Chase the Right Things for the Right Results 02/10/2021
    Is the world of online fitness encouraging people to make better choices for mental and physical health -- or feeding into unhealthy, self-destructive thought patterns? Millionaire Hoy says it's time to change the paradigm in episode 2 of February Fitness Month. Why fitness month? Because we can fix our food, we can fix our diets, […]