Plant-Based Meat is Getting Hempy 🥩[GreenGut Weekly Find 9/4]

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It’s Friday, fellow nerds, and you know what that means — time for the GreenGut Weekly Find! This week, I’m happy to highlight hemp 🌿 as it takes on yet another form: hemp-based meat from New Zealand’s The Craft Meat Co.

The company is taking advantage of hemp’s nutritional profile to expand its portfolio with high-protein, high-fiber meat alternatives that also align with its standards for sustainability. 🌏 Here’s how they’re doing it…

As the retail brand of alt protein startup Sustainable Foods, The Craft Meat Co. is already known for products like its No Meat Mince, 🍔 a ground beef alternative made using a blend of plant-based proteins colored with beets.

Now, founders Justin Lemmens and Kyran Rei are teaming up with local hemp growers to create their next line of products. It’s not a big leap for a company that already recognizes the nutritional benefits of hemp and incorporates hemp seeds into its existing line of alt meats.

Nutritional Value = Big Bang for Your Hempy Buck

What makes hemp so special? Hemp-based meat can compete with — or even exceed — the protein content of animal meat 🥩 and deliver a wide range of additional nutrients.

Hemp seeds contain all the essential amino acids and are also a source of minerals like magnesium, potassium and zinc. Fats in hemp include anti-inflammatory omega-3s and GLA, an omega-6 fatty acid with its own inflammation-fighting properties. It all comes packed with a decent dose of fiber to feed gut bacteria, 🦠 as well as phytosterols, which can help lower cholesterol.

And it’s Good for the Environment, Too

But Sustainable Foods is looking to do more than create a nutritious plant-based meat alternative. The startup is harnessing hydropower 🌊 for its production and processing and uses packaging that both contains recycled materials and is completely recyclable.

Yeah, but How Does Hemp Meat Taste?

Sustainable Foods’ focus with its hemp-based alt meat isn’t necessarily to make it 100% meaty. Instead, they’re looking to replicate what you’d expect from the experience of eating meat. 🍗 By using minimal processing to create a largely whole-food product, the co-founders are looking to deliver something that satisfies the taste buds and meets the standards of everyone from flexitarians to health-conscious vegans. 🥗

So there you have it: Another startup flexing its creative muscles to bring new products to the alt protein space. 💪🏻 This is definitely one I’d try when it makes its way to my neck of the woods — how about you?

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