Robots are Invading Food and Agriculture (and it's Amazing)!🤖

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It’s another Monday, fellow nerds, and you know what that means…time for a roundup. 😎 Today, the focus is robots! (Speaking of robots, if you didn’t see last week’s Weekly Find feature on Picnic, the modular pizza-making system, go check it out! 🍕)

I’ve highlighted a few specific companies creating robots and robotic systems for use in food and agriculture — and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Robots and AI systems are making appearances in so many areas of life, it can sometimes seem like we’re living in a sci-fi novel.

But it’s all real, and it’s exciting and scary at the same time.

Here are three companies shaking up the food and agriculture industries with their futuristic innovations. 🚀

Dexai Robotics: Meet Alfred, the Plug & Play Kitchen Robot

Sanitation in food service environments has come to the forefront in recent months, but it’s always been a concern. So have speed, accuracy and quality. Dexai Robotics addresses them all with Alfred, a robotic arm designed to integrate with existing tech systems for seamless recipe preparation and inventory control. 🥗

Alfred can work as a standalone unit or in concert with several Alfreds to create an assembly line for more complex dishes. The unit’s precision approach cuts down on prep time — and reduces contact with food to maintain a healthier kitchen. Alfred also keeps track of available ingredient and sends alerts when levels are getting low to prevent interruptions and keep kitchens running smoothly.

Root AI Focuses on Fruit

Root AI’s Virgo works with food, too, but not in the kitchen. This robotic assistant works in fields, greenhouses and indoor farms, harvesting fruit with a light touch. (No bruising = more viable produce!) Using AI, the robot can “see” when tomatoes and other fruits are ripe and pick only the ripe ones — without disturbing the plant or the unripe crops. 🍅🌿

But Root AI has a bigger vision beyond harvesting. The company wants to turn its robots into true farming assistants that can provide “individualized crop care.” Think of it like healthcare for plants. Future iterations of Virgo could scan plants for nutrient deficiencies, disease and other problems that could threaten yield — and perform corrective actions on the spot.

Moley: The Fully Automated Kitchen

You might want to sit down for this one. In fact, you can — because the Moley system does the cooking for you. And the dishes. 🍴

Moley features two robotic arms that can “learn” recipes using motion capture, either from master chefs or from the owner. That’s right, you can “teach” this system how to make your favorite dishes, store the recipes in the app and call them up later. Or you can download recipes from an existing library to enjoy some master-chef-quality cuisine at home. (It’s not available to consumers yet, but the company is anticipating a 2020 release date.)

Did I mention Moley also links up with your smartphone so that you can have it cook for you when you’re not even home? It’s a little freaky. Check it out. 🤯😳

Wild stuff, right? Then again, we live in a pretty wild world right now — it’s nice to see some crazy good things happening, instead of just plain crazy.

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