Appetite: The Downfall of the Alt Protein Movement?

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People like meat. 🥩

In some ways, this statement can sum up the entire reason for the alternative protein movement’s existence.

But what if that very assumption—that “narrative,” as Seth Godin would call it—is a dangerous trap that has the potential to undermine the industry instead of moving it forward?

What if offering meat alternatives isn’t the solution to a broken food system, poor human health and the environmental crisis? What if continuing to satisfy the human appetite for meat by replacing it ...

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Plantcraft: Educating Consumers to Empower Better Food Decisions

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The Modern Health Nerd Podcast, Episode #22

How can plant-based meat address the dual challenge of protein over-consumption and a serious lack of fiber in Western countries? Kati Ohens’ approach to product formulation at Plantcraft may have the answer.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How shopping environments influence consumer habits and perpetuate problems in the food system
  • What plant-based meat needs to offer beyond good taste
  • The potential impact of consumer education from plant-based brands and organizations
  • Why unity is important in the vegan and plant-based ...
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