Changing the Foodscape: 5 Perspectives from Industry Insiders

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You probably don’t think about the foodscape when you’re grocery shopping, snacking at home, dining out or ordering in.

But, in every place you interact with food, the foodscape is influencing your decisions—and steering you away from healthy options.

These influences are baked into the very environment of society. Restaurant signs, billboards and banners advertising new specials scream from the sides of the road as you drive through your town or city, offering cheap, fast food and drink in sizes ranging from ...

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Green Queen Media: Going Beyond Alt Protein to Solve the World’s Biggest Problems

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The Modern Health Nerd Podcast, Episode #42

What’s needed to take the current movement toward more sustainable, ethical food and products to the next level? Sonalie Figuerias believes it’s a combination of consumers doing more due diligence and brands taking a 360-degree approach to solving the world’s biggest problems.

Being at the head of “the world’s leading source for APAC alternative protein industry news and reporting” gives Sonalie unique insight into many of today’s biggest climate, food and sustainability issues.