Should Consumers Look to Big Food for Healthier Choices?

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Big Food takes a lot of heat when it comes to consumer health. And no wonder: Books like Michael Moss’ Salt, Sugar, Fat and Melanie Warner’s Pandora’s Lunchbox have pulled back the curtain to reveal the dirty little secrets of how the processed food industry has insinuated it self into the lives of consumers around the world—and how that power has affected global wellbeing.

It’s true that many food manufacturers have tweaked their formulations for maximum craveability (how many people can ...

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7 Things Plant-Based Brands Can Learn from Captain Vegetable [CASE STUDY]

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The plant-based movement could learn a thing or two from this classic Sesame Street “hero.”

If you’re of the older millennial generation, you probably remember a certain classic Sesame Street skit featuring an unusual superhero. He emerges, we’re told, from “his secret garden somewhere in New Jersey.” He has a theme song. He wears a costume (with a cape). And, like Superman, he has his own logo emblazoned across his chest.

He also happens to be Keep Reading →

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