Dr. T. Colin Campbell: Keeping Plant-Based Nutrition Whole for Optimal Health

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The Modern Health Nerd Podcast, Episode #45

What if we could break the cycle of disease and premature death just by changing what we eat? Dr. T. Colin Campbell believes it really is that simple.

After decades of studying nutrition’s effects on health and disease, Dr. Campbell is convinced that eating plants in as close to their whole, unrefined forms as possible is the best thing we can do to support optimal health.

In fact, he’s the one who coined the term “whole ...

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Michael Moss: Uncovering the Secrets of the Trillion-Dollar Food “Cartel”

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The Modern Health Nerd Podcast, Episode #44

How much control do we actually have over our food choices? According to Michael Moss, it’s not nearly as much as we think.

Decades of research and reformulation have given the ultra-processed food industry (“Big Food”) the upper hand, but we don’t have to be victims of manipulation. We can regain control—and Michael Moss provides the ammunition we need in his detailed food system exposés.

In this episode, we explore:

  • How ...
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Sophie’s BioNutrients: Growing Sustainable Microalgae Proteins for a Better Future

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The Modern Health Nerd Podcast, Episode #43

Can some of the smallest living things on the planet change the future of the food system—and create a better world? According to Eugene Wang, microalgae has that power.

Through his company, Sophie’s BioNutrients, Eugene and his team are fermenting and extracting unique microalgae proteins suitable for a creating a variety of plant-based food products. Their proteins are sustainable, affordable and can be grown anywhere.

We cover a ton of ...

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Green Queen Media: Going Beyond Alt Protein to Solve the World’s Biggest Problems

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The Modern Health Nerd Podcast, Episode #42

What’s needed to take the current movement toward more sustainable, ethical food and products to the next level? Sonalie Figuerias believes it’s a combination of consumers doing more due diligence and brands taking a 360-degree approach to solving the world’s biggest problems.

Being at the head of “the world’s leading source for APAC alternative protein industry news and reporting” gives Sonalie unique insight into many of today’s biggest climate, food and sustainability issues.

Whether you’re looking for fulfilling work or building a company dedicated to changing the world for the better, this episode has some fantastic gems. Here’s a peek into what we dig into:

  • Emma’s ...
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