Dr. T. Colin Campbell: Keeping Plant-Based Nutrition Whole for Optimal Health

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The Modern Health Nerd Podcast, Episode #45

What if we could break the cycle of disease and premature death just by changing what we eat? Dr. T. Colin Campbell believes it really is that simple.

After decades of studying nutrition’s effects on health and disease, Dr. Campbell is convinced that eating plants in as close to their whole, unrefined forms as possible is the best thing we can do to support optimal health.

In fact, he’s the one who coined the term “whole ...

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Tyler Mayoras: Making Plant-Based the Healthiest Choice (with Beans!)

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The Modern Health Nerd Podcast, Episode #33

Can a whole-food plant-based revolution start in the frozen food aisle? Tyler Mayoras of Cool Beans sees the transition coming—and believes it can grow across the plant-based space.

With simple ingredients and upbeat branding, Cool Beans wraps are making it easier to eat whole plant foods on the go. But for Tyler, that’s only part of a bigger picture that includes everything from regenerative agriculture to better-for-you plant-based products.

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Chuck Carroll: Let’s Step Outside the Plant-Based Bubble

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The Modern Health Nerd Podcast, Episode #9

News flash: The plant-based space is living in a bubble! How can we reach everyone “outside” who’s looking for real, actionable information on how to be healthier?
According to Chuck Carroll, it’s time to simplify consumer education.

As the host of The Exam Room podcast, Chuck has interviewed some of the biggest names in the plant-based space–and shared his own inspiring story. On this episode of The Modern Health Nerd, we talk about everything from ...

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Jeff Rosenblum: Living an Abundant Plant-Based Life

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The Modern Health Nerd Podcast, Episode #7

How do you enjoy vibrant, lifelong health?

For Jeff Rosenblum, the answer is simple: eat plants.

As a trainer, Jeff always believed he was eating a healthy diet — until he got some disappointing numbers from his doctor. Rather than go on medications and experience unpleasant side effects, Jeff decided to make some lifestyle changes. Now, he’s helping others do the same!


About Jeff

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