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There’s “snow” news ⛄⛄ like plant-based news, especially with everything that’s going on in the industry. But what if you’re not really sure what this plant-based eating thing is all about? 🥗 How do you make the transition while ensuring you get balanced nutrition — and still enjoy a bunch of tasty food?

Say hello to 80/20 Plants, an app that puts “a plant-based nutrition team in your pocket.” It’s the highlight of this week’s GreenGut Weekly Find, fellow nerds, and it has the health coach in me pretty excited! 🥗

Problem: Dietary Change is Hard

Finding a sustainable, healthy and enjoyable pattern of eating is the age-old struggle for dieters everywhere. And no wonder—a diet is much more than food. 🥘 It involves deeply ingrained habits, cultural norms, family traditions, mindset and societal portrayals of ideal body image.

On top of that, everyone has unique dietary needs, whether they’re dealing with a food allergy, struggling with a digestive disease or trying to hit specific fitness 🏋🏻‍♂️ goals. Working around challenges and restrictions is difficult enough; trying to do it while making a sweeping lifestyle changes can seem almost impossible without someone to offer support and accountability. ✅

Solution: A Tailored Plant-Based Transition

80/20 Plants is tackling the problem with a unique diet and health coaching app. Instead of implementing a hard-core turnaround to 100% whole plant 🌿 foods, the app takes a gradual, personalized approach. Its program starts participants off on an 80% whole-food plant-based diet while providing 20% “wiggle room.”

What happens with that 20%? Whatever makes the most sense for individual goals. Not quite ready to say no to the traditional family Thanksgiving dinner? Want to enjoy a vegan burger 🍔 slathered and vegan cheese, 🧀 topped with vegan bacon 🥓 and fried onion rings? Or maybe a slice of cake 🍰 on your best friend’s birthday? With the 80/20 Plants program, there’s no hard-core restriction or diet shaming. It’s all about shifting to a plant-strong diet on personal timing and terms.

App users get access to video lessons, a registered dietitian, a plant-based nutrition coach and a private community of others on the same journey. It’s just the kind of support network required to be successful when tackling a big lifestyle change. 👍🏻

Who’s Behind the App?

For something like this to really work, though, you need a true dream team. And 80/20 Plants has it with:

  • Matt Tullman — serial startup founder and 10-year vegan
  • Matt Frazier — the No Meat Athlete
  • Nil Zacharias — co-founder of One Green Planet and Eat for the Planet
  • T.K. Pillan — co-founder of PowerPlant Ventures and Veggie Grill
  • Joel Kahn — plant-based cardiologist and prolific writer/lecturer
  • Julia Murray — holistic nutritionist, Olympian and plant-based chef

Along with a supporting team of dedicated coaches and community cheerleaders, the team delivers an experience designed to create sustainable dietary and lifestyle changes that support long-term health. 👨🏻‍⚕️

Because app users change habits and not just the foods they eat, the 80/20 Plants dietary pattern becomes part of every day life. (You can read a little more about why CEO Matt Tullman believes in this approach over at No Meat Athlete.)

I believe what the 80/20 Plants team is doing fills yawning void that has long existed in both the diet and health coaching industries. It’s especially important right now as more people are turning to plant-based foods 🥗 to address growing health concerns.

As a former health coach, I love this concept and wants to see it grow — exponentially. I’ve come across a lot of diet apps, coaching programs and fads over the years, and 80/20 Plants is one of the few that doesn’t seem gimmicky (or excessively gamified 🎮). The plan approaches people’s needs on an individual level and stays away from “reward/punishment” language and body shaming. It’s all about enjoying whole plant foods — without being made to feel guilty for the occasional flex meal. 🍕🍟🥡

Something like this could be a big opportunity for plant-based food companies to learn about a unique segment of their audience. 📊 There’s a lot of talk about how consumers want tasty, cheap, 💲 convenient plant-based foods, but that narrative overlooks a significant portion of the population seeking better health but lacking the right information and support for a plant-based transition that fits their lifestyles.

Do you think 80/20 Plants has the right approach? Where do you see the app fitting into the overall plant-based landscape? 👇🏻👇🏻

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