Customer Discovery for Health-Focused Brands

I'm here to help your plant-based, functional or better-for-you brand understand your customers and write educational content that targets their specific needs.

Discover Your Customers

Learn who your target market really is, meet them where they are and start speaking their language.

Create Amazing Content

Create high-quality long-form written resources that engage customers and build brand awareness.

Save Time on Marketing

Use written content as the foundation for your social media strategy. No more spending hours cranking out posts!

Customer Discovery Services from Modern Health Nerd

Customer Discovery

Everything you need to save time on marketing, target your messaging and improve customer engagement
  • Keyword research
  • Customer community deep dive
  • Customer feedback review
  • Customer interview template
  • Comprehensive customer persona(s)
  • Detailed customer journey
  • 1-on-1 strategic content planning sessions

Content Package

Everything in "Customer Discovery," plus...
  • Weekly 1/2 hour sessions
  • Customized long-form content creation plan
  • In-depth "how to" guides for repurposing each content piece across platforms
Contact for monthly pricing 👇🏻

Have questions about customer discovery?

Grab at time that works for you, and we’ll nerd out about your goals, messaging and vision. 💡

If it’s a good fit, we’ll dive into the customer details that will help you target your messaging, boost engagement and start selling more.

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