Custom Course and Program Content

for health coaches and fitness professionals 🏋🏻

Supplement your online or in-person programs with workbooks and journals that keep clients on track and accountable. 📚📔

theresa sam houghton health and wellness content writer

Help Your Clients Get the Best Outcomes


Create a sense of community with fillable PDF workbooks that participants complete as they follow your online programs. 📝

Use their answers to tweak your content and protocols for better results. ✅


Help your clients track meals, workouts, sleep habits, and more. 👀

Identify barriers and gauge progress to see where you can offer the most help as a health coach or personal trainer. 🔍

Bespoke Content

Need something specific to supplement your program or course? 🧾

Schedule a chat to share your needs and ask questions.📞

Let's bring your content ideas to life

to support your health and wellness programs

Kickoff Call (60 minutes)

We'll hop on Zoom (or the phone—your choice!) and:

⮞ Discuss your business goals
⮞ Review your target customers
⮞ Go over your program or course
⮞ Choose the best type of supporting content to create
⮞ Lay out a project timeline

You'll send me the logos and graphics you want to include, then...

Research, Write, & Design
(3 days to 1 week)

Working from our plan, I'll:

⮞ Take notes from your program or course contents
⮞ Conduct additional topic research, if necessary
⮞ Write and arrange the content
⮞ Create a preliminary design
⮞ Send you the design to review

Note: Timeline depends on how much existing content we use and the amount of research and writing required.

Review & Revise
(2 to 3 days)

I'll review any requested changes and:

⮞ Update the content and design
⮞ Return it to you for review
⮞ Do a second round of revisions (if needed)

Deliver & Follow Up

Once everything is good to go, I'll:

⮞ Deliver the completed content
⮞ Follow up after your next program or course to see how your clients benefitted from the content
⮞ Suggest changes to improve performance, if desired

Let's Get STarted! 👉🏻

Why choose Modern Health Nerd to create supplemental course content?

Center for Nutrition Studies Plant Based Nutrition Graduatebauman college alumni badge
Trained health coach with over a decade of experience
🌿 Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies

🥇 Bauman College Nutrition Consultant honors graduate

🥗 9 years in the health, wellness, and plant-based industry

🤓 14 years as a diet, health, and lifestyle nerd
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