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Back to the Roots: Bringing the Joy and Magic of Growing Food to Families Across America

December 9, 2021
Theresa "Sam" Houghton

The Modern Health Nerd Podcast, Episode #25

Could re-igniting the young generation's curiosity about food transform the food and agriculture system as we know it?

Nikhil Arora believes it can—and he's working to make it happen.

As co-founder of Back to the Roots, Nikhil sees firsthand the problems that face today's food system—particularly the impact on kids' health and well-being. He and his co-founder, Alejandro, are using their brand to make it possible for anyone to grow food at home and learn the real joy of engaging with the true roots of food.

In this episode, we explore:

  • The serious gaps in the average consumers' knowledge of where food comes from and how it's grown
  • How connecting kids and families back to the origins of their food can make a positive difference in the food system
  • Why farmers deserve the same level of attention and celebration as today's most advanced foodtech companies
  • The powerful impact of bringing joy, magic and experience together when educating consumers about food

About Back to the Roots & Its Founders

nikhil and alejandro back to the roots co founders

Nikhil Arora co-founded Back to the Roots with Alejandro Velez and now serves as co-CEO of the organic gardening company—which (literally) grew out of the discovery that gourmet mushrooms could grow on recycled coffee grounds.

Since then, Back to the Roots has evolved from an urban mushroom farm in Oakland, CA to a thriving national brand and the fastest growing gardening company in the country. On a mission to reconnect kids & families back to where food comes from, Nikhil and Alejandro want to make it easy for anyone, anywhere to grow their own food.

Back to the Roots has launched over 20 varieties of beginner-friendly grow kits—designed to be grown indoors year ‘round—in over 10,000 retailers nationwide including Walmart, The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, Whole Foods Market, Target, Costco and Cost Plus World Market, reshaping what the Garden Center looks like for consumers coast to coast.

The company also launched the first-ever 100% USA Grown and Organic packet seed program nationwide - helping bring the stories of inspiring American farmers to millions of families.If you purchase a kit, share your pictures using the #GrowOneGiveOne tag—they'll donate a kit and curriculum to a school in need!

Find & Connect with Back to the Roots on the Web!

Learn more about how growing at home can help kids and families from Hank Adams of Rise Gardens in episode #12.

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