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Here's where you can get a look at my nerdy collaborations with clients.

And these are indeed collaborations—my writing process is a partnership, not a solo effort. You won't find me disappearing after our kickoff call and re-emerging only when the writing is done. I stay in touch throughout the process to ensure I deliver high-quality, relevant content for your health and wellness business.

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Business collaborations

Past and present, these projects represent the best of my work for health and wellness clients (and some food companies, too!)

Ultimate Guides

For a functional mushroom company
⮞ Produced a total of five in-depth guides, 4,000 to 7,000 words each
⮞ Followed SEO best practices for keyword placement and internal linking
⮞ Included 50+ scientific references in each guide

Blog Posts

For a functional mushroom company
⮞ Wrote a total of 18 standard blog posts (~1,000 to 1,500 words)
⮞ Covered evergreen and trending topics
⮞ Followed SEO best practices
⮞ Backed each post with relevant scientific references

Blog Launch

For a vegan jerky company
⮞ Performed initial keyword research
⮞ Reviewed the brand's customer personas
⮞ Chose topics based on client's knowledge of their audience
⮞ Worked with client's design team to create optimal layout
⮞ Worked with client's social media manager to brainstorm distribution
⮞ Created three science-backed posts for the blog launch

Blog Article

For an alternative protein company
⮞ Worked closely with internal content team to develop and write the article
⮞ Followed page plan, keyword recommendations, and brand voice guidelines
⮞ Responded to collaborative edit requests

Thought Leadership

For an allergy-friendly oat cup company
⮞ Worked with client's SEO agency on keywords and best practices
⮞ Worked with client to achieve desired angle and tone based on their goals
⮞ Did a deep dive into science for accuracy and objectivity
⮞ Post reached page 1 of Google in about four months
⮞ Worked with the brand co-founder to produce a follow-up blog post


For blogs across industries
⮞ SEO article writing, blog posts, how-to guides, thought leadership, and other web content
⮞ Followed keyword and length requirements
⮞ Over 6,000 articles written

⮞ Industries included business technology, home furnishings, cybersecurity, SaaS, online identity management, fitness, SEO, small business, finance/fintech, website design, and Google and SERPs

Health and wellness writing

Contributions to health and food blogs, plus a self-published ebook

Bublup Blog

Product tester, content producer, and blog contributor

Kindle Ebook

⭐ Rated 5 stars from two enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon

🎥 Featured on Chef AJ LIVE

🔬 Backed by 100+ scientific references

Writing about writing

Work beyond the health and wellness niche

Superpath Blog

Content marketing community

Foster Presents

Human-powered writing and editing collective

Personal Writing

My Substack publication
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