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PolyNatural: Extending Shelf Life and Reducing Food Waste Naturally

December 9, 2021
Theresa "Sam" Houghton

The Modern Health Nerd Podcast, Episode #11

How much wax have you eaten today?

Vicente Traviesa of PolyNatural is working to make sure you can confidently answer, "None!"

The sad (and kind of gross) truth of the matter is that much of our conventional produce is coated in things we don't want to eat, including synthetic waxes. It gives fruit that shiny look, but it's not so great when it comes to our health.

What's the alternative? PolyNatural has developed an all-natural solution called Shel-Life. Founder Francisco Palma and the rest of the team aim to make this coating the preferred alternative for preserving fruits and vegetables--thereby reducing food waste and ensuring the fruit we eat is 100% good for us.

About PolyNatural, from the founders

vicente of polynatural

At PolyNatural, we focus on reducing "food waste" and enhance fruit quality. Our product Shel-Life is the preferred all-natural "shelf life extender" because our coating allows for the elimination of synthetics while reducing waste, enhancing quality and boosting sales appeal PolyNatural is engaged in cutting-edge research, innovation, and development.

We use the potential of completely natural components to make unique products in the market that benefit the quality of food for people all around the world.

Shel-Life is a 100% natural emulsion (plant-based) manufactured with natural extracts, lipids and plant polymers that forms a covering on the fruit which reduces food waste by delaying the growth of microorganisms.

Shel-Life is a product for agribusiness that differs from its competitors since the coatings used by the vast majority of fruit exporting companies in the market consist of synthetic waxes that are made up of components derived from petroleum.

Connect with PolyNatural

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