Pandemic Punditry: Pursuing the Powerful Impact of Human Ingenuity in the Food System

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The Modern Health Nerd Podcast, Episode #27

What do new food technologies, ethical marketing and deep philosophical questions have in common? Lavindra del Silva and Karthiga Ratnam, creators of Pandemic Punditry, see them all as essential parts of the current conversation around the changing food system.

karthiga ratnam and lavindra del silvaIn this episode, we discuss:

  • The power of combined technologies, including AI, in accelerating alt protein R&D
  • How cell-based technologies could allow countries lacking resources to gain more sovereignty with their food
  • The potential philosophical, theological and existential implications of cell-based meat
  • The benefits of plant-based alt proteins for farmers in emerging economies
  • The need for better distribution infrastructure to make new food solutions accessible to everyone
  • The importance of ethical marketing based in human values and approached with long-term sustainability in mind
  • How the pandemic should act as a wakeup call to use human potential, creativity and genius to create companies and initiatives that can positively impact the world and the human condition

…and a lot more.


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About Pandemic Punditry, Lavindra & Karthiga

Karthiga Ratnam is an impact-driven category designer who introduced the 4th element of category creation: Impact Design. She believes categories should be created with social, community, and planetary impact in mind. She’s moved on from co-hosting Pandemic Punditry to pursue more opportunities in creating impact through category creation.

Lavindra del Silva is a sales innovator and advisor to disruptive startups and companies looking to rapidly expand into new markets. Lavindra believes that we need new sales models that redefine how companies attract buyers and acquire customers, compensate and incentivize sales teams, and properly position and market their wares.

Their podcast, Pandemic Punditry, is a carefully curated series that addresses issues that have become top of mind in light of the global pandemic. Their digital platform brings together pundits from across the globe to discover, debate, and debunk key issues by sharing their personal perspectives and prescriptions on how humanity can best survive—and thrive—in a pandemic (and post-pandemic) world.

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