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Citizen Kind: Helping Eco-Conscious Companies Walk Their Talk

The Modern Health Nerd Podcast, Episode #40

What can today's eco-conscious companies, including plant-based businesses, do to increase their impact on the world?

Emma Osborne of Citizen Kind would suggest hiring a team of people committed to living out a shared set of values.

Whether you're looking for fulfilling work or building a company dedicated to changing the world for the better, this episode has some fantastic gems. Here's a peek into what we dig into:

  • Emma's early entry into vegetarianism and what finally got her to go vegan
  • How impactful companies can make better hires
  • Tips for finding "top talent" employees who share company values
  • The importance of considering diverse perspectives when hiring—particularly when aiming to build a better future
  • Why an amazing, committed team is crucial for startups that want to get established and grow
  • The importance of vision and values in building a successful company
  • The power of building community around a business—internally and with customers
  • Why the values a company markets must be reflected in their internal relations and operations
  • The importance of developing and adhering to a core value system in business and all of life
emma osborne founder citizen kind

About Emma & Citizen Kind

Emma Osborne is the founder of Citizen Kind, a consultancy designed to help accelerate the growth of companies that are creating the future of food, materials and energy.

Through her expertise in talent, business strategy and creative flair, she has been helping solve problems for global startups from her base in London, UK, since launching in 2018. With 17 years recruitment experience, she has worked with large MNCs, agency groups, and SMEs to identify the commercial talent they need to thrive in the modern world. She is on the board with not-for-profits KindEarth.

Tech and Vegan Leaders and is a passionate vegan, foodie and animal advocate.

If you are a conscious consumer or value-based employer, connect with her here and transform your career or invigorate your business!

Connect with Emma

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