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Taste is Key in Whole Food Plant Based with Tyler Mayoras of Cool Beans

“It’s hard to build a trend if the stuff doesn’t taste good.” ~ Tyler Mayoras, CEO of Cool Beans

Eating plant based is a journey. For some, it starts with an all-in commitment to eat nothing but whole plant foods. But most of the time, the transition to new eating habits is supported by a range of plant-based products that replace meat, dairy and eggs.

Tyler Mayoras is helping the next generation of these products come to life through his brand, Cool Beans. With their portable whole-food wraps, Cool Beans is making healthy eating convenient—and delicious.

🎙️ Episode highlights:

  • Market insights from Expo East 2021, including the increasing number of products made with whole-food ingredients
  • Advice for brands that want to launch whole food plant-based products, including categories with the biggest opportunities
  • Gaps in the market where plant-based and whole food plant-based entrepreneurs can solve unaddressed consumer pain points
  • How to bring out maximum flavor in whole plant foods so that they’re more appealing to customers
  • Appealing to families with whole food plant-based options
  • Beans as the next generation of plant-based protein
  • The need for more nutrition education—particularly plant-based nutrition—in medical schools
  • Why clarity is important when communicating the whole food plant-based message to the public

According to Tyler, it’s all about taste.

“So many people in the general consumer market are moving toward cleaner and healthier ingredients,” he says. But “it’s hard to build a trend if the stuff doesn’t taste good.”

By complementing the naturally delicious flavors of vegetables, beans and grains with a range of spices, Cool Beans is proving to consumers that eating whole food plant based can be just as delicious as—or even more delicious than—eating processed plant-based products.

Of course, the typical plant-based journey doesn’t just involve food; it’s also a journey of discovery. Information is plentiful, but not all of it is accessible. Tyler believes one of the best ways to educate the public is through avenues like documentaries that communicate the health and environmental benefits of eating whole food plant based. Add in more detailed nutrition education in medical schools, and it creates a winning combination to help everyone pursue true health.

About Tyler

Tyler Mayoras CEO Cool Beans

Tyler is the “Cool Executive Officer” of Cool Beans and serves as both an angel investor and mentor to several other plant-based and sustainable brands. He has more than 20 years of experience in private equity investing and consulting with a focus on sustainable food and agriculture. He has personally experienced the benefits of plant-based diets and wants others to join him on the journey!

Connect with Tyler & Cool Beans

Tyler on episode 33 of The Modern Health Nerd, Season 1


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