Ebook Writing Services

to supplement your health and wellness marketing

Establish your expertise, attract new customers, and give existing customers in-depth resources to support their personal health goals. 🥑🍎

For marketing only. No Kindle ebook ghostwriting.

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Health-Focused Ebook Creation Services that Help Your Customers Live Better

Grow Your Marketing List

Offer your ebook in exchange for email addresses as a good old-fashioned lead magnet. 🧲

Or provide it as a bonus to clients who sign up for your programs and courses. 📗

Support Healthy Changes

Making the right health choices is hard. 😖

An ebook gives your customers a reliable resource they can refer to again an again as they pursue challenging diet and lifestyle changes. 🥗

Provide Ongoing Support

Deliver your ebook at the end of a health coaching course or fitness program to give customers extra support as they incorporate new health habits. 🏋🏻

Here's What it's Like to Create an Ebook

(with a fellow health nerd 🤓)

Kickoff Call (60 minutes)

We'll hop on Zoom (or the phone—your choice!) and:

⮞ Discuss your content needs and business goals
⮞ Review your target customers
⮞ Go over your current content plan
⮞ Clarify the outcomes you want to provide
⮞ Discuss ebook length and design
⮞ Map out an ebook creation timeline

Research & Outline
(1 week)

Working from our plan, I'll

⮞ Research competing ebook content
⮞ Find opportunities to stand out or improve
⮞ Research keywords for the ebook title
⮞ Do preliminary topic research
⮞ Create an outline for writing the ebook
⮞ Send the outline for your approval
⮞ Request graphics and images to include in the design

Write & Edit
(1 week to 10 days)

When you approve the outline, I'll:

⮞ Finalize the research
⮞ Write the content
⮞ Proofread the ebook
⮞ Run the ebook text through Grammarly
⮞ Optimize the title and subtitle for SEO

Note: Timeline depends on ebook length and the complexity of the topic.

(2 to 3 days)

After completing the text, I'll:

⮞ Add your graphics and images
⮞ Design a preliminary cover
⮞ Finalize the layout
⮞ Send the ebook for your review

Review & Revise
(4 days to 1 week)

I'll review any requested changes and:

⮞ Update the content
⮞ Return it to you for review
⮞ Do a second round of revisions (if needed)
⮞ Deliver the completed ebook
Let's Get STarted! 👉🏻

Why hire Modern Health Nerd as your ebook writer?

Author of The Whole Food Plant-Based Diet Starter Guide
⭐ Rated 5 stars from two enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon

🎥 Featured on Chef AJ LIVE

🔬 Backed by 100+ scientific references
"...this short but comprehensive guide provides useful insights into the topics we most often wonder about. Sam’s guide not only presents an easy-to-understand overview of the foods included in a plant-based diet, it also provides readers with meal ideas, transition tips, and suggestions for ordering at restaurants. Most importantly, you’ll learn WHY this way of eating is so very important to your long-term, precious health!"

- Cyd Notter, Nutrition Educator & Author of The Plan A Diet
"Sam is one of the most knowledgeable plant-based nutrition folks that I know. This book is a great resource for plant-based eaters and flexitarians alike. We can all benefit from eating more whole food plants and Sam makes it easy for us."

Tyler Mayoras, CEO, Cool Beans
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