The Leaf Protein Company: Supporting Sustainability with Pereskia

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The Modern Health Nerd Podcast, Episode #10

Where will the next novel plant-based ingredient come from? The Leaf Protein Company is betting on Pereskia.

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The Australian company is on a mission to “unlock Earth’s most abundant and sustainable source of proteins: green leaves.” Using a combination of tradition, science and tech, they’re leveraging Pereskia’s high protein content and nutrient concentration to create clean ingredients for plant-based brands.

Co-founder Fern Ho joins The Modern Health Nerd podcast to discuss how she and Rob Blum, the company’s CEO, are transforming a traditional Brazilian plant into the next nutritional powerhouse. Fern’s adult-onset food allergies got her started on the path toward understanding how food affects health — and how to provide consumers with better food, no marketing gimmicks necessary.


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Email Fern: fern (at) theleafprotein (dot) com




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