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Sean Vigue: We Need to Learn to Breathe (and Sleep!)

December 9, 2021
Theresa "Sam" Houghton

The Modern Health Nerd Podcast, Episode #15

What are the three most neglected areas of physical health? According to Sean Vigue, it's sleep, hydration and breath.

Sean "Coach" Vigue joins the Modern Health Nerd Podcast for the inaugural episode of February fitness month.

He brings his unique perspective on movement, health and yes, breath, to his highly popular YouTube channel, teaching people of all ages and fitness levels to move better and stay flexible--all with an engaging personality and a hefty dose of humor.

Why fitness month? Because we can fix our food, we can fix our diets, but if we're not moving, we're missing a critical part of the holistic care of our bodies. A solid fitness regimen is the perfect companion to a plant-based diet -- and you'll get insights from some of the most innovative and interesting minds in the fitness space all month long on The Modern Health Nerd Podcast.

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sean vigue athlete coach

About Sean

Sean Vigue is one of the most-followed yoga, Pilates, power yoga, flexibility training and performance-enhancing instructors in the world with millions of followers in every corner of the globe from beginners to elite professional athletes.

He is a bestselling author--including his last major release, "Power Yoga for Athletes", his new book, "Pilates for Athletes"--and enjoys writing books which are accessible to everyone regardless of age and fitness level.

Sean has produced thousands of online workout videos, a full DVD line and his own podcast, and he loves teaching at fitness conferences. The more he works in the health and fitness field, the more excited and motivated he gets.

He also likes shoveling snow at night.

In his spare time he is an amateur film, opera and classical music historian and MST3K/RiffTrax fanatic.

Connect (and train!) with "Coach Vigue"

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