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David Benzaquen: Advancing Plant-Based Brands for Maximum Impact

The Modern Health Nerd Podcast, Episode #28

How can we stop the cycle of trying to solve the problems in our food system with more problems?

For David Benzaquen, the answer comes down to offering desirable and enjoyable plant-based products everyone feels comfortable incorporating into their diets.

In this episode, we delve into:

  • How to encourage a broader consumer base to adopt plant-based products as part of their diets
  • Why objective market research is important for plant-based brands
  • Problems with the fishing and fish farming industries and how simple changes on an individual level can make a positive impact
  • How putting too much distance between ourselves and the production of our food can blind us to the problems in the food system
  • How the current food and healthcare systems tend to solve problems with problems—and why getting back to basics is essential to break the cycle

About David

david benzaquen headshot

David Benzaquen is the Managing Director at Mission:Plant, a holding company advancing the plant-based food industry through strategic investments and consulting services.

He is also the co-founder of Moonshot Collaborative, the world's first consumer research firm focused on plant-based and sustainability-minded shoppers.

Prior to his current roles, David spent nearly a decade leading a corporate strategy consulting firm for plant-based consumer products and founded one of the first plant-based seafood companies, both of which he successfully exited.

David serves as an adviser with multiple food accelerators and venture capital funds and has spoken at conferences all over the world about the plant-based industry. Companies David works with or invests in include Hooray Foods, Bramble, Apres, Plantcraft and CHKP Foods.

Connect with David on the Web

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