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Midnight Harvest: Combining Innovation and Sustainability to Unlock the Power of Mushrooms

December 9, 2021
Theresa "Sam" Houghton

The Modern Health Nerd Podcast, Episode #31

Is growing mushrooms farming or science? For Matt Hall of Midnight Harvest, it's both.

From attempting to cultivate morels in a sterile environment to the ins and outs of how Midnight Harvest's gourmet mushroom growing process, Matt is dedicated to blending innovation with sustainability to unlock the full potential of mushrooms. In this episode, we chat about:

  • Matt's journey to becoming a mushroom farmer in northern Michigan
  • How training dolphins prepared him for growing mushrooms
  • How to differentiate yourself as a mushroom (or food) grower
  • How increased access to supplies for mushroom growers is diversifying the gourmet mushroom market
  • Why it's important to step out of your industry "bubble" and educate the public
  • Why Matt thinks eating plant-based is the best way to go
  • How unlocking the science of plant-based foods opens our eyes to the true diversity available for our diets

About Matt & Midnight Harvest

matt hall and his maitake mushrooms

Matt Hall, owner and founder of Midnight Harvest Mushroom Farm was born and raised in northern Michigan and spent some time in the marine mammal training space before getting hooked on growing food as both a passion and a business.

Matt gravitated toward mushrooms due to Michigan's climate, capital needed and general interest of doing something that not many others were doing in the area. He sees mushroom production as an intersection of science and farming—and a huge space for innovation.

Running Midnight Harvest allows him to be productive and sustainable on a small scale while pursuing his own innovative ideas.

Midnight Harvest's moonshot goal is to one day use mushrooms to clean up water, eat plastic waste and many other applications to help heal the human impact on the planet. Matt believes fungi are truly the frontier and hopes to be continually pioneering in that space.

Connect with Matt & Midnight Harvest

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