Patrick Suarez: Moving Better to Prevent Injury

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The Modern Health Nerd Podcast, Episode #19

What’s the missing piece in a healthy lifestyle where diet, exercise and sleep are on point? Patrick Suarez would say it’s knowledge of and commitment to better mobility.

Patrick is changing the way people view and approach physical therapy. By building relationships through one-on-one sessions and teaching people not only how to recover but also how to move better in everything they do, he’s enabling athletes of all disciplines and fitness levels to keep doing what they love for longer.

He digs into the why in this special bonus episode for Fitness Month!

Why fitness month? Because we can fix our food, we can fix our diets, but if we’re not moving, we’re missing a critical part of the holistic care of our bodies. A solid fitness regimen is the perfect companion to a plant-based diet — and you’ll get insights from some of the most innovative and interesting minds in the fitness space all month long on The Modern Health Nerd Podcast.

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About Patrick

patrick suarezPatrick Suarez and his team are dedicated to individual one on one physical therapy for motivated clients. He’s working to change the conventional physical therapy model to provide the best care possible for clients, meaning the client gets maximum time with the physical therapist for better care and better results.

Patrick has been a Doctor of Physical Therapy for 10 years and created Suarez Sport and Orthopedic Physical therapy in order to take a holistic approach to making people feel and move better. Suarez Physical Therapy is a performance based clinic geared toward getting people back to the activities, workouts and sports they love.

Patrick graduated from Hamilton college earning his Bachelors of Science Degree in Biology and went on to receive his Doctor of Physical Therapy from The George Washington University. He then went on to complete an Orthopedic Residency through Evidence in Motion and is a Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist and a Board Certified Sports Clinical Specialist.

Patrick is a dedicated practitioner who is committed to remaining at the top of the profession through evidence-driven practice and continued education courses. He also helps to educate and mentor physical therapy students in order to continue to develop the profession. He’s been active for most of his life playing both soccer and baseball at the varsity level for Hamilton College. Currently, he continues to coach and play soccer recreationally and also maintains an active lifestyle through CrossFit.

Find Patrick on the Web!

Instagram: @suarezsopt

Facebook: SuarezSOPT

YouTube: Patrick Suarez

Located in Latham and Saratoga Springs, NY

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