Millionaire Hoy: Chase the Right Things for the Right Results

December 9, 2021
Theresa "Sam" Houghton

The Modern Health Nerd Podcast, Episode #16

Is the world of online fitness encouraging people to make better choices for mental and physical health -- or feeding into unhealthy, self-destructive thought patterns?

Millionaire Hoy says it's time to change the paradigm in episode 2 of February Fitness Month.

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About Millionaire

millionaire hoy

Following a health scare in his 20s, Millionaire Hoy (yes, that is actually his name) made a switch from graphic designer to fitness instructor. He began with local, free bootcamps to make fitness accessible to those in his local Chicago area who couldn't otherwise afford it and began launching free fitness videos and challenges on YouTube. His end-of-workout "fist bump" soon became a signature catch phrase.

His growing community offered enough support to allow him to launch his own subscription streaming service,, where he continues to release new and innovative challenges that draw on the input from his "Fist Bump Family" and feature his creative, authentic style. His "Breakthrough 100" challenge, released during the COVID pandemic, inspired many in his community to have their own fitness breakthroughs and is arguably the magnum opus of his over 2,000-video workout library.

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