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Geoff Palmer: Doing Something Radically Different with Sports Nutrition

December 9, 2021
Theresa "Sam" Houghton

The Modern Health Nerd Podcast, Episode #18

What do plant-based diets and the gut microbiome have to do with exercise performance? Geoff Palmer has the answer.

As a vegan for 35 years, a bodybuilding champion and sports nutrition enthusiast, Geoff digs into the science of nutrition to uncover the best the plant kingdom has to offer.

Through his company, Clean Machine, he's bringing the nutrients back into sports nutrition to fundamentally change the way people think about supplementation, protein and the sport of bodybuilding.

It's all here on episode 4 of The Modern Health Nerd's Fitness Month!

Why fitness month? Because we can fix our food, we can fix our diets, but if we're not moving, we're missing a critical part of the holistic care of our bodies. A solid fitness regimen is the perfect companion to a plant-based diet -- and you'll get insights from some of the most innovative and interesting minds in the fitness space all month long on The Modern Health Nerd Podcast.

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About Geoff

geoff palmer

Geoff Palmer is a 58-year-old, 35-year vegan who is a Natural Bodybuilding and Natural Physique Masters Champion, the owner of Clean Machine Plant-Based Fitness Nutrition, author, national lecturer, vegan patent holder and 2 Time NEXTY Winner for “Best Supplement of the Year” in 2016 & 2018.

Geoff was selected #40 of the “Top 100 Most Influential Vegans” by Plant Based News, co-created the First 100% Vegan Bodybuilding Competition in the World and will be featured in 3 Vegan Documentary Films.

Clean Machine donates 10% of sales every quarter to organizations that promote a healthy plant-based lifestyle and 2 plant-based meals to feed hungry children with every sale of Clean Green Protein.

Find Geoff on the Web!

Hear more on duckweed with Tony Martens of Plantible Foods in episode #1.

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